Repairs, printing, etc.

Folk Arts Rare Records

Folk Arts Rare Records was founded in 1967 by Lou Curtiss. Lou has old time, folk, blues, jazz, rhythm & blues, rock & roll, show tunes and a vast inventory of 78 rpm records. He also specializes in custom recordings of vintage music from the Lou Curtiss Sound Library. Over 90,000 hours and 90 years of vintage sound recordings.

Lou hosts Jazz Roots every Sunday night on KSDS 88.3 FM in San Diego. You can listen online at

Bob Gravlin Violin Making and Repair



Bob Gravlin

Violin Repair and Instrument Making

Chris Camp

instrumental repairs, recording studio

Escondido, California


Music Exchange

Instruments, repairs, lessons, music books, etc.

Friendly and knowledgable staff.

985 Escondido Ave #102
Vista, CA 92083

James Hood Guitar

James Hood Guitar (repair, build)

Fallbrook, CA

The Violin Shop

San Diego, CA (Kevin Smith)

The Repair Zone

8125 Ronson Rd, San Diego, CA 92111
at Mercury St., Kearny Mesa, CA

(858) 565-7984

Guitar, mandolin, etc repair & sales

Hammond Ashley Violin

Hammond Ashley Violin, San Diego, CA