A letter from Robin Adams, wife of Jim Adams AKA Okie Adams

The following letter has been received from Robin Adams, wife of Jim Adams who passed away on July 4 2008.  Jim is the son of banjo maker Okie Adams.  Jim  was a colorful person who you would meet carrying a beginners banjo he called a "tanjo" at many of the festivals and bluegrass events.


First of all, let me start by telling each and everyone of you THANK YOU! I also want to apologise for not getting all of my thank-you cards mailed out. However, I want everyone to know how much I appreciate all of the prayers, love, and help you gave to me in my time of need. There are no real words or expressions that can relay how much comfort and love I felt from all of my friends; and from some of you that I only know slightly.  I will get the thankyou's to everyone as soon as I feel that i can.
Love to all,
Robin Adams


By jerry - Posted on 13 November 2008

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