We will miss you Kathy Cortez

Kathy Cortez passed away on the evening of New Years 2009.  As a long time supporter of the Bluegrass Community she was well respected and in the North County Bluegrass & Folk Club she consistently acted as the “Raffle Queen” at the First Tuesday Bluegrass Meetings  Both Kathy and Skip Greany attended and supported both the North County and the SDBS events.  You always could count on them to attend the club campouts as well as many other bluegrass events.

After being laid off of her job in Ramona due to an ownership change of her employer, and just a few months ago Kathy decided to move to Texas to live with her daughter.  Things were going quite well and she was very happy to be with her daughter, helping with her grandchildren.

Lately Kathy had not been ill except for a cold she was getting over and seemed fine otherwise, except for a chronic case of indigestion.  She was enjoying being with her daughters family in Texas over the past several months (since August, I think).  She did not come down in the morning at the usual time for breakfast so they went upstairs to wake her and found her.  There was nothing apparent as to what happened but that she had passed away either in the morning getting dressed or most likely preparing to retire for the night sometime.

There has to be an autopsy to determine what happened so they may not know anything more for 4-6 weeks. After the autopsy she will be cremated according to her wishes.  Beyond that the family has made no firm decisions at the time this is being written..   We pray that she passed as quietly- peacefully sleeping one moment and passing to heaven in the next.  John Deckard, her brother, will pass along any information they get. 

We in the North County Bluegrass & Folk Club were so shocked.  Kathy was only 58.  John Deckard says she and his brother Amos were the “healthy” ones in the family of eleven children so he was doubly shocked.  We are keeping John and Mary Lee Deckard in our prayers and know that all of you will also.

By jerry - Posted on 04 January 2009

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