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For your convenience NCBFC accepts the following forms of payment:

  • cash (in person only, in a sealed envelope with name and purpose clearly marked)
  • check in person or by mail (contact us for address)
  • online payment via PayPal

You may use a credit card or bank transfer through PayPal even if you do not have a PayPal account. Your payment will be completed via PayPal's secure site and your bank and/or credit card information will not be visible or available to us.

This form is provided for your payment convenience. Additional information may be needed to complete your purchase so please fill out any related forms prior to making your payment.


Item Cost Quantity
1-year membership

*Please make sure to also fill out a full membership form - this is just a payment form. Discounts can be applied below


$20 annual fee per household
1-year band/musician membership

*includes 1 newsletter subscription. Please make sure to fill out a membership form - this is just a payment form.

$35 per year

*shipping included

$12 each

*Please fill out camping form and write in your total. You must add 3% to your final payment for this item.

Advertising varies
Preprinted Flyer Insert

*Flyers that you print yourself and then give us copies

Varies - please ask us
Donation any amount

*enter a "minus" sign and the amount of the discount