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Updated: 3 years 5 weeks ago

COVID Pandemic Hits World Wide Bluegrass

September 7, 2020 - 4:08pm

I received sad news from Gracie Muldoon-Davis & David Davis regarding the future of our favorite online bluegrass radio station, World Wide Bluegrass. Due to the pandemic and other mitigating circumstances, the station will go silent on September 11th. This was Gracie's dream and her life for over fifteen years. It is surely a sad loss for her and for the entire bluegrass community.

Thank you Gracie for everything you did with WWB? You brought our music to people around the world in a way that was a pioneering effort in the early days of Internet music. You will be sadly missed by so many whose lives you touched.

I remember when she was just getting started on this endeavor. There really wasn't much in the world of Internet Radio back then. She was a pioneer in this field but, certainly not new to radio. She had been a radio announcer prior to kicking off this project. Needless to say, the bluegrass community gave her a lot of support. While funds were often thin or even non-existent at time, she never got discouraged and always went forward with a joyful attitude.

In a sad announcement on her website's home page, she explains,

On September 11, 2020, the WWB will go "dark" from broadcasting through the globe in cyberspace. Starting in 2005, we have enjoyed this all volunteer project, serving bluegrass music lovers for free completing our 15th year in webcasting the best music of old and new music from the best artists worldwide. We have met and made new friends and bands and are thankful to in some small way be a part of this great music and its' "family". However this year of worldwide pandemic (2020) has been a rough for all concerned including this little station. After a serious discussion, much prayer and a pile of medical bills from 2018 - we are no longer able to support our endeavors here at the WWB out of pocket. We are no longer able to continue broadcasting. We cherish our Sponsors, Friends and Listeners and are thankful to have brought to you this music free of charge for 15 years. We wish everyone all the best in the recovering from 2020 and its most unusual circumstances and we will hold you in our thoughts and hearts.

God bless all
Gracie Muldoon-Davis & David Davis

We wish her good luck as her future unfolds. This pandemic has sadly touched our music in a very unforseen way.

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